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Erik van de Velde - zang

I emigrated from France to England, untill I met a beautiful Dutch lady, that also wanted to see me in Groningen. When I came there, she probably hoped that I would be bored here and that we would soon leave for France together. She was very good at French, as she studied it at the university. Unfortunately, I liked it way too much overhere, and did not really want to leave anymore. She herself has moved to France now. Basicly we swapped, a woman for a man, which is a shame for Holland, because all I can do well are cooking, shagging and drinking red wine, like a true Frenchman hahaha. Anyway, six years ago I met Walter (gitarist, songwriter and sound engineer for B.O.T). We played football together, and as long as I knew him, he had never told me that he played in a band. One day he said to me: “Oh my, you’ve got quite a good volume in your voice, wouldn’t you like to sing in a band?” And I replied: “YESyesyes, I always have!” But hey, where do you find a band that suits you, and also has the patience to invest in an amateur, an ‘under-the-shower-singer’?? Well, he knew, and that same Sunday I got to watch and try-out B.O.T. I thought the band was great fun, and very original. They were pleased with my guts and experience on stage; learning to sing will come along the way, as long as you keep practising. I am so glad with my guys, because we never argue about who is in control and who does more then the others. Everything goes according to a democratic system that has evolved along the way. I am also very proud of our last CD, Bollox Sentimentale, although I did need many takes due to my unprofessionality. Together we worked extremely hard on it for about two years. It looks great, and professional. More about me, I have two kids, a girl and a boy, who are 15 and 11 years old. I am not married, who knows maybe one day I will be, I am Renske’s boyfriend. I like football, snooker, skeelers, cooking, filosophy- and psychologybooks, scientific ones, and sexsports, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll. I am 41 years old, missing a lot of teeth, and I am a rude brute hahahahahahaha.

Pictures of Erik

Full name: Erik Guy Marceau van de Velde Build: 1967 Sign:virgin Instrument: vocals